Q1000 Legacy Cold Laser


Q 1000 Legacy Low Level Cold Laser, 880 & 660 probes, Manual, Protocols


The Q 1000 laser is Class l  low level laser causing no harm to living cells. Has proven exceptionally safe for use with farm/hobby  animals and household pets, small enough to carry anywhere, powerful enough to use for hundreds of conditions.

660 & 808 Enhancers are Class lll A and lll B  respectively, designed to enhance the effectiveness of the Q 1000... and to provide you with a true low level laser therapy system.

The 660-Enhancer produces approximately 6.3 joules over a 1/4 inch area during the 3-minute cycle. Worldwide research shows effective use on acupuncture and acupressure points (effect of replacing needles or pressure), surface scar reduction, more than a dozen of dental applications, as well as beneficial effects when used anywhere on the surface that more energy stimulation is indicated.

The 808-Enhancer produces approximately 54 joules over a 1/4 inch area during the 3-minute cycle. Worldwide research shows effective use on joint/tendon pain, bone/cartilage regeneration, cavitations, osteoporosis and deep scar reduction.

Pre-programmed with three unique Modes to handle nearly every treatment requirement;
PLUS,  custom- programmed with 3 additional modes to meet your specific needs

Mode 1 is to energize and relax muscles, ligaments, tendons; wound healing; reduce pain and inflammation; Injuries;
Mode 2 is Schumann Resonance: Unwinding; treatment of headaches/migraines; anything to do with heart or brain
Mode 3 is for Multi-Organ balancing; pathogen clearing; Universal Healing Mode. This mode has multiple frequencies that have been shown to be beneficial and can be used on all organs as well as wounds, pain and muscles.
Mode 4 is for Memory Improvement and Learning, Relaxation  and  Depression
Mode 5 is for Nerve regeneration: treatment of neuropathy ; Promotes circulation;
Mode 6 is for the treatment of Osteoporosis/ Bone Density Disorders.
Mode 7 is still available for your customized programming.

The Q1000 is the most sophisticated, advanced, effective and affordable low level laser manufactured to date.

Plus, the Q1000 has detachable enhancers for more advanced treatments.

Benefits and features include:
Patented computer-controlled frequency and output;
Programmable for any range of frequency desired;
Small size is convenient and completely portable

The Q1000 has a total of twenty diodes clustered in an ultra portable hand-held unit.

This laser is used for acute or chronic pain and inflammatory conditions,  and it features a range of frequencies from 1 to 20,000 Hertz.

The Q1000 is computerized and can be reprogrammed at the factory to produce frequencies and power densities that are shown to be beneficial.

Powered by 7.2V intelligent Lithium-Ion batteries, the Q1000 laser delivers multiple wavelengths, power settings and time intervals via up to seven different modes.

The Q1000 laser is also able to harmonize a wide range of animal disorders.

It is very popular with massage therapists, physicians, dentists, chiropractors and just general cold laser home therapy

It comes with an in- depth  Low Level Laser User's Manual  with clinical treatment protocols, 2 focused laser enhancers for specific areas or acupuncture meridian therapy.

It has Laser Case, 2 batteries and a double charger so your unit is always ready for use.

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