Olympus BF-N20 Bronchoscope +

Olympus BF-N20 Bronchoscope


USED Olympus BF Type N20 Fiber Optic Bronchoscope for Sale!


Ultrathin bronchofibrescope for infants and neonates
With an ultrathin 1.8 mm diameter at the distal end and 2.2 mm insertion tube, the BF-N20 OES bronchofibrescope enables accurate diagnostic bronchoscopy in neonates and infants.

550 mm working length
The 550 mm working length gives the operator optimal manoeuvrability and control within the compact format that is essential for small children and babies.

Working channel optimised for imaging
The full channel is devoted to Olympus high resolution image guide fibres, which assure bright, sharp images for the most accurate diagnostic power.

Compatible with reprocessing workflows
The BF-N20 can be embedded in your cleaning and disinfection workflows, supporting full traceability and documentation of all reprocessing relevant phases.
The BF-N20 is fully compatible with Olympus ETD Washer / Disinfectors and the Olympus Endoscope Drying Cabinet for complete endoscope drying and storage for extended periods under safe conditions.
Optional Sterilisation is supported by compatibility with ETO sterilisation. For details on compatible processes, please contact your Olympus representative.


Optical System
- Field of view: 75° (Forward viewing)
- Depth of field: 2~50 mm

Insertion Tube    
- IT Diameter: 2.2mm

- Up: 160º
- Down: 90º

Insertion Tube
- Outer Diameter: 2.2 mm

- Working Length: 55 cm
- Total Length: 84 cm

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