Strawberry Cream Laser Lipo +

Strawberry Cream Laser Lipo


USED Strawberry Cream Laser Lipo with Whole Body Vibration for Sale!


Strawberry Cream Laser Lipo with Whole Body Vibration

The Laser, Probes, and Paddles (all components) works and looks like new!

Ophthalmologist closing cosmetic office and selling all spa equipment:
Lila strawberry cream laser lipo with paddles and Whole Body Vibration Unit included. Everything is in excellent condition.

Hours: 259 Hours.

The Strawberry & Cream Laser LiPo is completely non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-painful way to loose inches! FDA approved; the Strawberry Laser has been successfully shrinking fat cells and re-contouring the figures of millions of patients in over 30 countries for many years. Strawberry & Cream Laser LiPo treatments yield noticeable, measurable results.

- No recovery time – walk out and go back to your day!
- Non-invasive – no incisions, no surgery, no discomfort at all!

The Strawberry & Cream Laser LiPo helped our patients reshape their bodies – without liposuction, without surgery! Why not slim down your, trouble spots of excess fat away with the Strawberry and Cream Laser LiPo? For people looking for a simple “walk in, walk out” alternative to surgery, without any restrictions or downtime, the Strawberry and Cream Laser LiPo is a safe, affordable, non-invasive option that can achieve results. A series of 8 -10 treatment sessions – two a week are recommended– within 1 – 2 months.

For both men and women looking to reduce areas of unwanted fat from their arms, back, waists, hips, thighs, or abdomen, this safe, time-saving, cost-effective treatment can be ideal. The Strawberry Laser can help with everything from love handles, to spare tires, to saddlebags, to muffin tops!

This is a FDA Class II medical device.

Strawberry & Cream Inch Loss System with low hours, excellent quality, and like new condition
* 10 Body Paddles with 650nm Diode Lasers and 2 lymphatic probes
* All Body Straps (5)
* 1 Pair Laser Glasses
* Two Strawberry & Cream Body Tape Measures
* Full Size Free Standing Marketing Posters
* Whole Body Vibration Unit

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