Laser PI-ECL-785-300-SH Process +

Laser PI-ECL-785-300-SH Process


Used Laser PI-ECL-785-300-SH Process for Sale!


Low hours only 121h (laser life 9000) good condition can be used for raman spectroscopy, power supply

Laser PI-ECL-785-300-SH  Process Instruments 300mW, like new, 785nm for raman FC

Very good condition laser, slightly used, only 121h (out of 9K lifetime at full power or even more) see pictures

FC fiber connector ready to use

Electronic shutter

Wavelength 785nm, accuracy  ± 0.1 nm, 300mW, (measured 381mW, see pictures)

Please feel free to ask any questions

* Process Instruments PI-ECL-785-300-SH laser
* Power supply
* Users manual

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