2012 SonoSite EDGE Portable Ultrasound System +

2012 SonoSite EDGE Portable Ultrasound System


Used SonoSite EDGE Portable Ultrasound System for Sale!


The SonoSite Edge portable ultrasound machine has a markedly different look than its three predecessors:
The SonoSite M-Turbo, MicroMaxx, and Titan products. Using a solid aluminum core and magnesium shell, SonoSite revamped the user interface, increased its overall size, increased the LCD viewing area by almost 2-inches, while minimally increasing its weight. The result is a different look, different feel, and better overall viewing area and user experience. And the new shell is as durable, if not more, than prior SonoSite portable ultrasounds. Overall image quality also improves with the SonoSite Edge with its next-generation SonoHD2 and ColorHD image optimization technologies.

SonoSite Edge Ultrasound system has all the New extras:
A SonoSite Transducer, batteries pack, cables, Sitelink cable & CD,power supply, SonoSite ECG module Kit ,Mini-dock for Edge, manuals and original SonoSite packaging boxes.

System includes accessories:
- L38xi/10-5 MHz, High Frequency Linear Transducer (Unused NEW in BOX)
- ECG module KIT Cable and Kendall Reusable Lead Wires, REF: P01592-10
- Mini dock for Edge (NEW in sealed BOX).

REF: P15078-10
Edge stand / Cart Mobile Ducking System
REF: P15800-11

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