Philips X5-1 Ultrasound Probe MATRIX Array Transducer


Philips X5-1 Ultrasound Probe MATRIX Array Transducer For Sale !!


Philips X5-1 Ultrasound Probe MATRIX Array Transducer are handheld and ergonomic, easily adapting to your practice. Suitable for all imaging options (2D, 3D, 4D; flat, static, or moving) including echocardiography, doppler, and sonography.

Designed to guide and address the needs and challenges of healthcare professionals in different clinical scenarios, Philips unique ultrasound probes can be used both inside and outside of a hospital setting. The transducers are also useful in emergency and mobile settings, as they are portable and lightweight. With the touch of a button, clinicians can swiftly acquire high-quality images needed for correct diagnosis.

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Bandwidth: 1 – 5 MHz
- Applications:
- Adult, contrast LVO,
- pediatric CHD, cardiology coronary

Imaging Modes:
- 2D, Live 3D volume,
- high volume rate (HVR),
- one beat
- two  beat and four beat Live volume
- color flow, Live 3D color,
- PW/CW Doppler
- M-mode, color M mode
- contrast
- Tissue Doppler imaging
- Live xPlane imaging

- 3,040 elements with microbeamforming
- iRotate  Electronically rotatable scan angle from 0 to 180 degrees
- New ergonomic design for reduced user fatigue
- Solid state reliability and no complex liquid cooling required
- Philips green label approved transducer

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