Pentax EG-3470K Video Gastroscope +

Pentax EG-3470K Video Gastroscope


Used Pentax EG-3470K Video Gastroscope for Sale!


The therapeutic gastroscope standard size video Finally, EG-3470K incorporates an extra-large working channel of 3.8 mm which is expanded greatly therapeutic range of accessories that can be used for treatment. While minimizing the size of the insertion tube of 11.6 mm, the EG-3470K channel includes a forward water jet to clear a separate display area for debris or blood.

– Canal Diameter (mm): 3.8
– Insertion Tube Diameter (mm): 11.6
– Working length (mm): 1050
– Angulation (up / down): 210/120
– Angulation (right / left): 120/120
– Viewing angle: 140 °

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