Olympus LTF-VP Video Laparoscope +

Olympus LTF-VP Video Laparoscope


Used Olympus LTF-VP 5.4MM HD Video Laparoscope for Sale!


Olympus LTF-VP 5.4mm Flexible Videoscope - Deflectable Tip
The Olympus LTF-VP is the world's first 5.4mm diameter flexible videoscope. This helps make endoscopic surgery less invasive. The small diameter allows entry through 5mm ports, and its flexible tip allows observation from angles not possible with a rigid 10mm-diameter scope. With advanced functionality, improved imaging capabilities, and ergonomic design, the LTF-VP introduces new "flexibility" to laparoscopic surgery.

- Thin 5mm diameter and 100° Flexiblity in 4 directions
- All-in-one design
- Exceptional imaging performance
- Slim 5 mm diameter for less invasive surgery
- Three programmable buttons (i.e. PiP, white balance, zooming)

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