Olympus OER-PRO Endoscope Washer +

Olympus OER-PRO Endoscope Washer


Used Olympus OER-PRO Endoscope Washer for Sale!


The Ideal Reprocessor for Your Olympus Flexible Endoscopes

Quick Reprocessing Time:
- The OER-Pro can simultaneously reprocess two flexible endoscopes in 26-29 minutes.
- Dual scope processing**The OER-Pro can simultaneously reprocess two flexible endoscopes

Ultrasonic cleaning and high-pressure laminar channel flow:
The combination of the advanced technology with a specially-formulated detergent supports the overall cleaning process

Automatic disinfection of endoscopic valves:
High-level disinfection of the Olympus endoscopic valves is achieved using the OER-Pro

Automatic alcohol flushing and air purge of channels
The fully automated alcohol flush enhances endoscope drying time

Compact and Smart Design:
Only 18 inches wide, the OER-Pro has a smart design, requiring less than
half the space of earlier endoscope reprocessors.

Stainless steel basin:
Highly engineered stainless steel basin eliminates costly replacements
due to cracking

Visual detection:
The operator can visually verify that there is fluid flow to the endoscope
channel connector

Convenient foot pedal:
The basin lid can be opened by pressing the convenient foot pedal.
For safety, the OER-Pro lid is kept locked during the operation to prevent
accidental exposure, spills, or splashing

Document History:
The printer makes quality control, tracking, and reprocessing compliance
easier. Reprocessing detail records can be printed or stored electronically

Automated Scope ID System:
The OER-Pro is equipped with an easy-to-use Radio Frequency Identification
(RFID) management system, which automatically records scope serial and
model numbers, operator ID, and time of reprocessing. This avoids human
error and eliminates the cumbersome manual input of information with a keypad
or bar code.

Data Management Solutions:
The OER-Pro data management solutions can be scaled to the facilities’
operations and meet local and multi-society record retention standards

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