Pentax EE-1580K Transnasal Esophagoscope +

Pentax EE-1580K Transnasal Esophagoscope


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The EE-1580K video esophagoscope features an ultra-slim, 5.1mm insertion tube perfect for unsedated transnasal insertion. It has a color CCD for full-screen, high-resolution images and utilizes the EPK-series digital color video processor with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. This esophagoscope has air/water delivery capabilities, a 600mm insertion-tube working length, and a large, 2.0mm instrument channel for multiple diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

High-resolution, quality esophagoscopy

The EE-1580K video esophagoscope with chip-tip color CCD provides clear, bright color images for accurate visualization of the esophagus.

No sedation required for increased patient safety

With the EE-1580K, transnasal esophagoscopy (TNE) can be performed in the physician’s office with no sedation. This ultra-slim video esophagoscope may minimize patient discomfort.

Large instrument channel design, convenient in-office treatment

The EE-1580K enables physicians to perform in-office treatment by using therapeutic devices through its large, 2.0mm instrument channel. This capability helps improve physician efficiency and patient convenience.

Includes: Case and Valves.

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