Biomeridian MSAS Pro Stress Assessment System


Used Biomeridian MSAS Pro Stress Assessment System with Epic Stylus


Meriden Stress Assessment involves taking simple, painless, electronic readings on the skin surface of the hands and feet. It is based on the Chinese theory that improper energy flow through the acupressure meridians causes energy imbalances in the body. These various acupressure points have been found to measure relative status of the corresponding organs, glands, or systems. The subtle differences in electrical resistance detected by the sophisticated testing instrument are recorded by computer for comparison.

    Portable, battery-generated
    •Connects to desktop or laptop computer running MSAS software
    •Contains a handmass and probe stylus for point testing
    •Has a test plate for testing substances as part of the electrical circuit during MSA testing
    Fully enclosed storage area for battery, probes, extra probe tips and hand mass
    •Large lid for storage area is a test plate
    •DuracellTM brand batteries are durable and easy to use, charge and replace
    •Fold out Test Plate with Integrated Power Switch prevents accidental power on
    •Automatic sleep mode
    •Multi-port bay with the IMAG unit integrated into the unit

    MSAS Pro
    handmass with brass
    stylus touch tips
    epic stylus
    standard stylus
    test plate
    battery charger
    AC adapter

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