Otodynamics Otoport DP TE OAE


Otodynamics Otoport DP TE OAE


Otodynamics Otoport DP TE OAE With Extras
Test Modes
- 1-8 kHz DPgram, 12 frequencies (configurable) plus 1-8kHz 4pts/octave DPgram
- 1-4 kHz TEOAE ILO Quickscreen

- Fast, noise-resistant OAE recording
- Optimized pediatric mode
-  Configurable operation, from basic screener to clinical instrument
- Simple pass-refer result or detailed OAE data displays
- Integral patient record database - with cell phone type keypad
- Long battery life - over 250 test cycles or one full working week
- Battery level and charging indicators
- Docking station option links to PC, printer and PSU

- Unique graphical indication of probe fit quality (checkfit)
- Alerts to poor probe fit, high noise level and ringing stimulus
- Intuitive graphic OAE displays show signal to noise progress
- Half-octave OAE signal, noise and band pass indicators
- Numerical table of signal, noise and SNR
- Customizable normative range display marker
Test Configuration:
- Instant DPOAE or TEOAE mode selection at test start
- DP high and DP low stimulus modes, level configurable
- DP 12 frequency mode for higher resolution tests
- Any 2, 3, 4 or 5 frequency configurable DP pass criteria
- 2, 3 or 4 half-octave, wide or narrowband TE pass criteria
- Automatic test start option for rapid screening
- Smart mode test management for faster testing
- Configurable noise rejection for your environment

Integral Database:
- Holds the last 1000 tests listed in chronological order
- Provides on-screen test result summary table
-  Stores patient ID, name, date of birth, gender, notes, location, facility and full OAE data plus patient status
- Worklist facility for pre-entry of patient details
- Integral ID chip reader or barcode scanner options (at time of order)

Quality Assurance:
- Probe test function and ID tracking
- Whole system power-on self-test
- User login and password protection if required
- Proven Otodynamics OAE technology

Printing from Otoport:
- Fast print time, full numerical and band pass data
- Configurable numeric or detailed graphics
- Automatic print-on-connect mode
- Wired or wireless printing options (at time of order)

PC software:
- Automated USB data transfer to Otolink PC software
- Provides record review, manage, export, print and archive
- Option of EZ•Screen or V6 for detailed OAE data analysis
- Otolink uploads firmware updates to Otoport

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