Yucera DX300 3D Scanner with EXOCAD

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Brand New Yucera DX300 3D Scanner with EXOCAD for Sale!


The scanbox is a fully automated,open 3D dental scanner from smartoptics. The scanBox is supplied without CAD software and can be used with every open CAD software. Alternatively, the scanBox is available in a package with the exocad CAD software -ideal for a start in CAD.

Advantage of dental laboratory 3D scanner

Blue Light Scanning
Using advanced blue light booth technology Highlighting features and providing high-quality model 3D technology

High Efficiency
Using area array structured light technology, fast scanning speed and high efficiency

A large number of algorithms are accelerated using graphics cards to ensure computing speed.

More Details
Advanced post-processing algorithms ensure data effects.
Guaranteed high precision and high resolution

Fully Automatic
Fully automatic turntable, simple operation process, 3D scanning of model with one click

Product mode
Scanning technologyDouble-sided grating
Camera resolution1.3 million pixels
Scan range100mm*100mm*75mm
Measurement accuracy<0.010mm
Scan timeFull jaw 12 seconds Upper / lower jaw 20 seconds Abutment teeth 30 seconds Impression model 2min
Operating temperature0-40℃
Power supply24v DC

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