VATECH RVG Dental Imaging System Intraoral Digital X-Ray


VATECH RVG Dental Imaging System Intraoral Digital X-Ray EZ SENSOR SIZE 1.5


- High identify ability of details and low x-ray dose helps you to diagnose the tooth lesion problems, making more accuracy.
- Providing professional connectivity solutions, all the information can be viewed in different locations.
The scintillator makes high-definition images.
Fast imaging employing steady acquisition, saving the filming time and improving work efficiency.
- Professional image management software to help you manage images easily and efficiency.
Two Year Warranty, Free to use latest software for life.
- Item: AT-301; AT-302
- Image Pixel: 1.9M(1600*1200); 2.7M(1920*1440)
- Pixel size: 18.5um
- Chip Type: CMOS APS
- Fiber Optical Plate: Yes
- Scintillator: Gos
- Resolution(lp/mm): Theoretical value: 27lp/mm; Actual value: 12-14lp/mm(GOS)
- Operation system: Windows2000/xp/Win7/Win8(32bit&64bit)
- Dimension: 27.5x38.5mm; 32.3x44.3mm
- Active: 22.5x30mm(675mm²); 27x36mm(972mm²)
- Additional: TWAIN Driver
- Control box
- Overall size(L*W*H): 120x35x15 mm
- PC Intertace: USB 2.0
- Supply Voltage: 5.0V(4.25V min.)
- Supply Current: 500 mA max
- Supply Current: 500 mA max
- Digitization: 12 bits perpixel

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