Vatech Pax-Primo Panoramic Dental X-ray


Used Vatech Pax-Primo Panoramic Dental X-ray Ecellent Condition !


- Superb image quality from advanced CMOS sensor technology
- Smart panoramic imaging solution: 'Auto Focusing‘
- Topmost space-efficiency: simple & compact design (2010 Reddot design awardee / iF product 2010 awardee)
- 10.4" Full color touch LCD panel
- Optimal capture modes for all of basic dental diagnosis
- Easy & exact patient positioning: face to face design between operator and patient

PaX-Primo provides clearer panoramic images by Pano only sensor (CMOS) andAuto-Focusing function.

The 10.4 inches wide LCD touch panel enables operation of PaX-Primo right next to the patient. You can adjust patient positioning and choose capturing mode through the LCD touch panel.

Value Added Panoramic image Auto Focusing Technology:
Through its Auto Focusing Technology, an optimized image can automatically be reconstructed.

PaX-Primo with Auto Focusing Technology always acquires optimum images eliminating concerns on malpositioning and untypical patient arch.

Panoramic image with Auto-Focusing function

- Function: Panoramic
- Focal Spot: 0.5mm
- Gray Scale: 14bit
- Patient Position: Standing/Wheel-chair accessible
- Dimension: 1115x1150x2200
- FDD(SID): 531.2mm
- Weight: 95kg
- Sensor Type: CMOS
- Generator: Voltage : 50~80kVp / Current : 2~10mA
- Exposure Time: Normal : 9.7sec / High Resolution : 13.5sec

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