GE 9400 mobile x-ray imaging system


GE OEC 9400 C-Arm Mobile X-Ray Fluoroscopy Portable Surgical Ortho Foot Switch


This GE 9400 mobile x-ray imaging system is in good cosmetic condition and was manufactured in 1992. In 2006, this product was remanufactured by Radiological Imaging Services, located in Pennsylvania. The X-ray tube appears to have been replaced and, both, the cart and the c-arm were labeled to have been refurbished by this company (RIS). The RIS remanufacturing process strips the equipment to the frame and includes changing the x-ray tube, repainting, replacing the original cables, batteries, and collimator. New Life Scientific technicians noted that this instrument works well and most, if not all, staff members received x-rays in testing. There are minor cosmetic blemishes to the instrument wheel-wells which may have grazed the wall or other surfaces, but this has not effected the instrument's ability to image. The staff noted that this instrument was clean upon arrival and operated at intended during testing. There is no known dysfunction and the technician has confirmed this instrument is fully-functional as described. Please contact New Life Scientific for any questions regarding this listing. Ask staff about the New Life Scientific thirty-day warranty and freight packaging & shipping information for this particular piece.

Product Features:
111 Degrees of Radial Movement (for spherical scanning)
180 Degrees Flip-Flop Pivot
Horizontal Extension 8"
22 Degrees Wig-Wag
Stores Up to 60 Images
4r radiation w/ boost
Multi-functional Foot Switch

Surgical Imaging
In-office Imaging (Orthopedic)
Hospital On-site

Manufacturer: OEC-Diasonics, Inc.
Model: GE/ OEC 9400 4th Gen.

Individual Components:

November 1993
Model: A-141
Serial: 70762-Y3
Focus: 0.3x1.0
Housing: B-100
Stator: R

High Voltage Generator
June 1992
Model: 00-871445-07
Serial: A57129

Beam Limiting Device/Collimator
June 1992
Model: 00-860750-11
Serial: A57126

Image Intensifier
Dec. 30, 2005
Model: TH9428HP2H
Serial: 91090887

Mobil C-Arm X-Ray System
9400 System
June 1992

- Foot Switch (p. 46/258)
- Instrument Manual Binder
- Necessary Cabling

- Fluoroscopy Pulse
- Bladed Shade-No true iris
- 9" Image Intensifier
- Collimator
- Digital Printer Port [Printer(s)Available in Separate Listing(s)]
- (2) 17" Monitors
- Power requirements: 100-240 V

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