BEGO Paraskop M Multifunctional milling


BEGO Paraskop M Multifunctional milling


Compact, precise and universal.
- Locking of joints via magnets.
- Milling arm designed as multifunctional arm.
- Lever for lowering the drilling tool.
- Control for the milling unit motor integrated in base.
- Milling spindle with speeds up to 30.000 RPM and quick-action tool chuck.
- Drilling depth stop with micrometer screw 1/100 mm.
- Selector switch for clockwise or anticlockwise operation.
- Ideal for milling and drilling in wax.
- Extremely rugged, precision-made model table.
- Precision quill for attaching accessories, measuring, etc., can be fixed directly to milling arm if not used.
- Electromagnetic locking of model table.
- Comprehensive set of attachments.

Specifications :
- Height approx. 480–570 mm
- Width 290 mm
- Depth 310 mm
- Rated voltage 200–240 V, 50/60 Hz
- Special voltage 100–120 V, 50/60 Hz
- Rated power of milling spindle 260 W
- RPM approx. 1,000–50,000 U/min
- Anti-clockwise up to 30,000 U/min
- Weight 8.9 kg
unit is used , clean tested in super working condition , Come with all item show in the photo

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