ROLANDWX-50 5-Axis Dental Mill


ROLANDWX-50 5-Axis Dental Mill


The ROLANDWX-50 5-Axis Dental Mill 's most advanced dental milling machine to date, a compact, affordable solution based on 20 years of the company's proven 3D milling technology. The DWX-50 offers dental labs new advanced features, including 5-axis milling, which enables the seamless production of complex dental prosthetics.

"Most current dental milling systems are priced well beyond the reach of many dental labs and require a dedicated production room," said Yuki Shimizu, Roland DG product manager. "Now these professionals can easily and affordably implement Roland's most advanced dental milling technology. Labs can choose from the original 3-axis DWX-30 for copings and crowns or the new 5-axis DWX-50 to create a full range of zirconia dental prosthetics, including copings, crowns, full bridges and abutments."

In addition to milling on X, Y and Z axes, the DWX-50 rotates blocks and discs of zirconia 360 degrees in clockwise and counterclockwise movements and tilts them 20 degrees toward the front and back to support undercuts. The DWX-50 features an automatic tool changer that supports up to five different sizes of milling tools for an easy three-step production process. Users simply load the milling material and secure it with the included clamps, store tools in the tool magazine, and send milling data from the PC to the DWX. The DWX-50 automatically completes the job, allowing dental lab employees to focus on other tasks.

Roland DWX-50 Features:
- 5-axes (XYZ axes and rotary axis (A and B axes)) allow users to create high quality prosthetic copings, crowns, full bridges and connecting abutments
- Materials can be rotated 360 degrees in clockwise or counterclockwise movements and 20 degrees toward the front or back
- Built-in automatic tool changer supports up to five different tools
- Secure clamps are easy to load and support zirconia discs and blocks in a wide variety of sizes
- Tool sensor automates the machine and tool set up process, saving time
- Integration with industry standard CAM software ensures a seamless production process
- Multicast control allows one computer to control up to four DWX-50s for larger dental labs
- LED light illuminates the interior of the DWX-50 for clear observation
- Clear dust collection capsule and air blower capture milling materials
- Dust tray ensures easy waste disposal for a clean environment free of dust particles
- Desktop design fits small laboratory spaces and allows the DWX-50 to be relocated easily when office layouts change
- Backed by legendary Roland reliability and world-class service and support

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