iTero Cadent HD 2.9 Intra Oral Dental Scanner


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iTero Cadent HD 2.9 Intra Oral Dental Scanner is an integral part of our digital portfolio because it is the most direct link between the restorative dentist, the laboratory, and the CADCAM production centers.

The highly advanced iTero intra-oral scanner utilizes parallel-confocal 3D imaging and is thus 100 % powder-free and autofocus. Both features allow the dentist to place the scanning head directly on the teeth to take a series of 3D images which are combined into a precise 3D representation of the patient’s teeth.

Value, comfort and flexibility:
- iTero can help build your practice iTero can save you and your practice valuable time: designed to eliminate impression retakes and reduce restoration remakes, iTero may help to avoid time-consuming adjustments during the seating of the restoration.

- Comfort for you and your patients
    With iTero, you offer your patients an attractive alternative to conventional impression taking: the unpleasant taste of the impression material and gag sensations are a thing of the past. The powder-free technology is convenient for both you and the patient, saving you preparation time and material cost.

- Freedom of choice in material and treatment options
    The flexible digital workflow allows you to continue working with your preferred dental laboratory, in a digital or analog fashion. Also, the iTero technology is suitable for all dental restorations, tooth- and implant-based, including inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, partial crowns and bridges.

These unique features of confocal scanning enable iTero™ to capture powder-free digital impressions.

iTero offers dentists and laboratories an open choice of connection options along the digital workflow.

iTero precision milled models in polyurethane combine accuracy and utility for both tooth-borne and implant-borne indications.

Implant specific applications:
With iTero, Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions offers a new and unique complete digital workflow for implant restorations.

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