Schick CDR ELITE Dental X-Ray Sensor Size 1


Schick CDR ELITE Dental X-Ray Sensor Size 1 MFR 05/2010 S/N 11001851 & Remote



- Schick CDR Elite, which combines truly outstanding image quality, an easy to use design and a robust, hard-wearing construction, to provide an intraoral radiography experience that is truly Elite.
- CDR Elite images provide bold bone tribeculation, crisp lamina dura and a clear, clean DEJ to meet the diagnostic needs of every clinician.
- CDR Elite is designed to focus on ease of use, diagnostic image quality and durability. It provides an intraoral radiography solution for all clinicians that is truly Elite.
- Simple and easier sensor placement, even for vertical bitewings, comes from an optimally located sensor-cable interface and a new color scheme that provides high visibility in the oral cavity.
- CDR Elite's Smart Remote System has been developed to allow simple, accurate, in-office diagnosis to ensure peak performance of the entire system.

Comes with:
- CDR Elite Sensor Size 1
- CDR Elite Replacement Cable Kit
- 100 CDR Elite Sheaths
- CDR Elite Sensor Holster

CDR Remote Module Kit
- CDR Elite Remote Module
- Wall Mounting Kit
- Software CD
- CDR Elite Instruction Manual

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