Schick 33 Dental X-ray Sensor Size 2


Used Schick 33 Dental X-ray Sensor Size 2 For Sale !


Schick 33 Dental X-ray Sensor Size 2 from Schick by Sirona combines high-resolution images and dynamic image management. The sensor’s patented imaging technology offers a theoretical resolution limit of 33 line pairs per millimeter, the highest in the industry. When coupled with enhanced imaging software, Schick 33 makes it possible for dental professionals to adjust the image appearance to meet their specific diagnostic needs and personal preferences. Available in sizes 0, 1, and 2, the Schick 33 sensor integrates with existing Schick Elite systems, using unique replaceable cable technology and convenient remote module design.

Schick 33 Dental X-ray Sensor Size 2 combines high-resolution image acquisition with dynamic, user-controlled image sharpening, and an easy-to-use design that includes in-office serviceable cables. The Schick 33 system acquires intraoral X-ray images and transmits them by USB connection to desktop or laptop PCs.

There are two main devices in the system: the Schick 33 Sensor, which acquires the intraoral X-ray images and the Schick 33 /USB Interface, which sends the images by USB cable to the PC. Images can be viewed, enhanced, saved, and printed. Change the way you see, save and share images with the Schick 33 Image Management System!

Technical Specification:
- Bridging to Practice Management Software: Yes
- Connection: USB
- DICOM Compatible: Yes
- Line Pairs: 33 LP/mm
- Positioner Type: Rinn
- Relative Film Size: 0 - 1 - 2
- Software Included: Yes
- Wireless: No
- Capture Card Required: No

- 2 Schick 33 sensors and 2 USB remotes
- one size 1 sensor
- one size 2 sensor
- 2 spare cables

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