Sirona InEos X5 Dental Lab Scanner


Sirona InEos X5 Dental Lab Scanner Excellent Condition !


The Sirona InEos X5 Dental Lab Scanner is the laboratory scanner that will revolutionize all your digitization tasks. The inEos X5 features innovative model positioning, a robot arm, state-of-the-art scanning technology, and an open interface. These features give the inEos X5 acomprehensive application spectrum, unrivalled precision, flexible handling, and quick scanning times.

The Sirona InEos X5 Dental Lab has unique automation, programmed to ensure that all scanning tasks are performed with maximum efficiency, and is augmented by the option to scan manually. The robot arm and the exact definition of the scanning area allows for quick, automatic positioning, accelerating the computation of the model.

The new scanning technology of the inEos X5 provides outstanding precision and depth of field. When combined with the autofocus function, this creates a perfect platform for your designs and production.

Overview of new inEos X5 features:
- A combination of manual and fully automatic operation
- High accuracy
- Time savings and improved workflow due to the five-axis technology and autofocus
- Large scan field and good depth of definition
- Multi die scanning for up to four individual stumps
- Universal model and articulator holders
- Easy handling

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