New Applied Biosystems Veriti Thermal Cycler

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New Applied Biosystems Veriti Thermal Cycler, 60-Well Thermal Cycler


The Applied Biosystems Veriti Thermal Cycler, 60-Well Thermal Cycler (for 0.5 mL tubes) delivers the proven reliability of Applied Biosystems® instruments with the 0.5 mL format you need to accommodate larger reaction volumes.

Key Features of this Veriti® 60-Well Thermal Cycler:

• Convenient color touch screen interface speeds setup time and use
• Transfer protocols, back up protocols and system configurations with a USB port
• Network up to 12 instruments using standard Ethernet cables and a router (not provided)
• From a single, networked Veriti® instrument, start a run on up to 12 Veriti® systems
• Conveniently place instruments side-by-side due to front to back venting feature
• Optional VeritiLink™ Remote Management Software provides you with peace of mind, allowing you to remotely manage more than 50 cyclers from your PC or internet-compatible phone

Large volume runs
The Veriti® 60-Well Thermal Cycler can perform high volume runs with its 0.5 ml block. Use this instrument for all of your large volume applications, and then set the block to incubate when the run is done. The 60-well isothermal block will maintain a set temperature, and you can retrieve your tubes at your convenience.

Control at your fingertips
The powerful, yet simple to operate user interface on the Veriti® system is driven by the 6.5 inch (16.51 cm) VGA color touch screen. The large screen allows for easy viewing of your temperature profiles. Additionally, the large navigation buttons put programming of the Veriti® Thermal Cycler at your finger tips. Setup and navigation of the Veriti® Thermal Cycler does not require the use of a stylus or mouse.

Fast setup, fast results
The Veriti® system has two different options for method navigation. For quick setup, you may select one of the pre-programmed methods to run. If you prefer to program your own methods, simply touch the step you would like to setup and then use the keypad to enter thermal cycling steps. After completing a setup, you have the choice of saving the method to the instrument or to a USB memory stick.

Applied Biosystems PCR plastics
Applied Biosystems PCR plastics have been designed and validated to work with our thermal cyclers for more than 25 years. Options for every format and throughput need are available to ensure consistent, precise results for any experiment

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