Olympus Gif-Xq30 Gastroscope


Gif-Xq30 Gastroscope For sale


Olympus Gif-Xq30 Gastroscope with 120º Field Of View, Forward Direction Of View, 3-100mm Depth Of Field, 9.8mm Outer Diameter, Angulation: 210º Up, 90º Down, 100º Right, 100º Left, 103cm Working Length, 135cm Total Length, 2.8mm Biopsy Channel

Optical System:     
- Field Of View:120º
- Direction Of View:Forward
- Depth Of Field:3-100mm
- Insertion Tube     
- Outer Diameter:9.8mm

- Up:210º
- Down:90º
- Right:100º
- Left:100º

- Working Length: 103cm

Biopsy Channel:     
- Channel Size :2.8mm
- Total Length: 135cm

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