Huger AGVE-2100AL Video Equine 3300mm Endoscope

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New   Huger AGVE-2100AL Video Equine 3300mm Endoscope


3.3 meter long Equine Gastroscope, the additional length over standard 3 meter systems making it suitable for greater investigation of the duodenum. The scope is 13mm diameter with a 3.7mm instrument channel

· 1.5 meter long Upper Airways / Guttural Pouch Endoscope.Well matched with the portable processor allowing either yard and sale vetting’s. The scope is then suitable for gastroscopy in small animal practice.

· Video Output.The system is suitable for connection to a laptop or media recorder allowing you to keep video records of the procedures. If required the system can be used on an equipment trolley and the image shown on a standard monitor.

· Full 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty.The system and the endoscopes are covered for 12 months from installation against failure from parts, it will not be covered for misuse or accidental damage.

- Optical system: 120°
- Depth of view: 3-100mm
- Tip deflection: 180° up/down,160° left/right, 180° up,90° down, 100° left,100° right
- Distal rigid diameter, 12.9mm, 9.8mm, 9.0mm, 9.8mm, 9.0mm
- Insertion tube diameter: 12.9mm, 9.6mm, 9.0mm, 9.6mm, 9.0mm
- Biopsy tube diameter: 3.7mm, 2.8mm, 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 2.2mm
- Working length: 3.3M, 1.5M, 1.05M

Video center:
- Lamp: 21W Xenon Lamp
- life of lamp: 500 Hours, 2500 Hours
- Color Temperature: 5900°K
- Pump: Both durable and quiet pump
- Function: White Balance, Enhancement, Adjusting of Color, Digital Zoom, Internal memory which can store to 4 image, Picture in picture
- Video Out: Composite video*1, Y/C video*2,
- Monitor: 10 Inch LCD monitor(foldable)

Other information:    
- Net weight:9kg
- Gross weight:10kg
- External package:standard carton.(49*42*25cm)

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