Storz 20043120 Tele Pack Light Source Probe Endoscope System


Used Excellent Condition the Storz 20043120 Tele Pack Light Source Probe Endoscope System


Storz 20043120 Tele Pack Light Source Probe Endoscope System

Image processing
- Signal system:
- ElA standards, NTSC color system
- CCIR-B standards, PAL color system
- AGC: low: +18 dB; high: +20 dB
- White balance: > 2200 K ...
- Exposure control: automatic shutter, edge or center emphasis (variable), integration mode for increasing sensitivity, exposure times up to max 1.2 sec.
    Camera connection: standard socket for KARL STORZ camera heads

Video inputs (NTSC): NTSC3.58 signal at BNC socket, 1.23 Vss at 75 ohms, Sync neg.
- TFT: flat screen
- Monitor: 12" color TFT flat screen Audio *
- Audio line: Audio signal interface
- Input/output: 3.5mm jack socket . Input: mono-signal, output: mono-signal
- Microphone input: monosignal, 3-pole 3.5 mm jack socket
- Headset output: mono-signal, 32 ohms at 3pole 3.5 mm jack socket
- Memory for picture, sound, text. Compartment: PCMCIA, type 1...3 . Medium: ATA-memory card

Light source
- Short-arc lamp: 24 W
- Lamp service life: approx. 300 h
- Light outlet point: standard socket for KARL STORZ light cables

General data for supply unit
Line operation
- Line voltage: 100 ... 240 VAC
- Line frequency: 50/60Hz
- Line fuses: 2 x T4.0AL250V
- Power consumption:
- Standby: up to 25 W
- Position I: up to 60 W
- Position II: up to 110 W
- Connection: three-pole XLR non-heating appliance connector with integrated fuses

Low-voltage supply operation
- Voltage: 12 VDC (at TELE PACKTM) Power consumption: (12VDC)
- Standby: up to0.015W
- Postion I: up to 42 W Position II: up to 80 W

- including folded down TFT flat screen: 305 mm x 148 mm x 282mm (W x H x D)
- TFT flat screen folded up at 90°:: 305 mm x 378 mm x 288mm (W x H x D) (Actual housing dimensions, not including connected
accessories). If accessories are con-nected, the dimensions are larger.
- Weight: approx.7.2 kg
- Operating temperature: 10°C ... 40°C
- Storage/transport conditions:
- Air humidity: 5 ... 95 %(RH, non-condensing)
- Storage temperature: 0°C ... 60°C
- Atmospheric pressure: 500hPa...1080hPa

Keyboard input:
- 6-pole Mini-DIN connector, PS-2 compatible
- Footswitch input:: Socket for KARL STORZ dual-pedal footswitch (Art. no. 20 010330)

- Serial interference: DSUB socket 9-pole, for later planned functions
INCLUDED: DVDirect® MC5 Multi-Function DVD Recorder:
VRD-MC5 Standard Features:
- Direct, real-time video DVD recording from virtually any camcorder, VCR, or Digital Video Recorder
- Direct, real time recording of digital photos to DVD recording from MemoryStick® Pro, MemoryStick Pro Duo,TM Secure Digital TM(SD/SDHC), Compact Flash,TM or xDTM Picture Card camera memory cards
- Preview video or up to 6 digital photos at a time using built-in 2.5” color LCD screen
- Automatic DVD menu and title creation, choose from 4 preset menu designs
- Automatic DVD chaptering every 5, 10, or 15 minutes, even stop-timer recording!
- Records on 4.7GB DVD+R/+RW and 8.5GB DVD+R Double Layer Discs
- 5 recording quality modes allow up to 12 hours of video to be recorded per disc ?Unique Features When Connected to Sony
Handycam Camcorders:
- Transfer high definition video in native 1080i resolution from Sony AVCHD HDD/MemoryStick Handycam camcorders to DVD recorded in H.264 format. This allows up to 95 minutes of HD video to be recorded on a DVD playable on most Blu-ray DiscTM players*
- Record all the video from a Sony HDD/MemoryStick Handycam camcorder, just selected scenes, or only video recorded since the last DVD burn – all at up to 6X speed (60 minutes of video in about 10 minutes). Will “span” multiple DVDs as necessary
- Consolidate several mini camcorder DVDs to full size 5” DVD using Sony DVD Handycam camcorder

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