Olympus GF-UCT240 Endoscopic Gastroscope System


Used Olympus GF-UCT240 Endoscopic Gastroscope System


Olympus GF-UCT240 Endoscopic Gastroscope System is quickly becoming one of today’s most effective diagnostic
echniques. Olympus, the world’s leading manufacturer ofendoscopic products, has joined forces with an ultrasound
pioneer, Aloka, to develop a system that maximizes thepotential of this popular new technique. The result is an EUSguided
FNA system that combines Olympus’ excellentendoscopic video image quality with Aloka’sindustry leading ultrasound imaging. With its advanced performance and comprehensive, state-of-the-art capabilities, this new system
provides the support you need to explore the vast potential of EUS-guided FNA.

- High-resolution CCD delivers crystal clear, life-like video endoscopic images and enables excellent visualization of the target
area and the FNA needle as it exits the endoscope.

- Electronic Convex scanning facilitates the use of advanced imaging techniques such as Color Doppler and Power
Doppler, making it easier to interpret blood flow conditions and offering added performance with electronically adjustable focusing and multifrequency imaging capability.

- The tight radius of the convex array transducer has allowed a significant improvement in insertion capability.

- Wide 180° scanning angle ensures comprehensive imaging of all structures surrounding the region of interest.
- Olympus’ originally patented forceps’ elevator design allows finetuning of needle placement once the scope position is fixed,
improving needle placement during FNA.

- Matching of slim 11.8 mm insertion tube diameter and standard 2.8 mm channel diameter of the GF-UC240P-AL5 offers greater ease ofuse.

- The exceptionally large 3.7 mm diameter channel of the GF-UCT240-AL5 enables more advanced FNA techniques to be
performed using aspiration needles larger than 22 G.180° 3.7 mm Diameter
Olympus Endoscopic Ultrasound System Allows You to Take Full Advantage of EUS-Guided FNA
an Established Technique for Tissue Diagnosis in andAround the Digestive Tract

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