FUJINON ED-450XT5 Duodenoscope


Used FUJINON ED-450XT5 Duodenoscope


The small diameter of the FUJINON ED-450XT5 Duodenoscope in conjunction with a large working channel facilitates the diagnosis. The super-image resolution of 410.000 pixels and the retrograde optics facilitates the control and ensures an accurate positioning of the optic disc in the frame. For a perfect reprocessing it is also equipped with a removable DISTAL.

VOptical System
- Field of view:  100°
- Direction of view:  15° Lateral viewing
- Depth of field:  4 to 60 mm

Insertion Tube:
- Outer diameter: 11.8 mm
- Working Length: 1250 mm
- Total Length: 1550 mm
Instrument Channel
- Chanel Size:  4.2 mm
Distal End
- Outer diameter:  13.1 mm
Bending Section
- Angulation range:  Up 130°, Down 90°, Right 90°, Left 110°

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