Olympus MAF-TM Bronchoscope


Olympus MAF-TM Bronchoscope


The Olympus MAF-TM Bronchoscope is a versatile, user friendly all in one mobile endoscope that enables efficient airway management. This new endoscope comprises a monitor, LED light source, battery and recording features in a handy single unit, which is easily portable for use in an emergency car, in intensive care environment, or during home visits.

The Mobile Airway Scope MAF-GM/TM is designed for a variety of difficult intubation conditions as well as enables laryngoscopies, where portable use is required. It provides an efficient upper airway management system especially when portable use is important, such as in emergency or intensive care situations, or during home visits.

This versatile, all in one scope has a built in LED light source for bright, clear observations and an xD-Picture card to capture both still images and video on the adjustable 2.5 inch monitor. This standalone unit is cable and periphery free and is simple to use by hospital staff.

Key Benefits:


This easy to transport endoscope is entirely cable and peripheral free, as the monitor, LED light source, battery and recording device are all contained within in a single unit.

Still image/movie recording and management:

An xD-Picture Card enables storage of still images and video, which can be uploaded to a PC for further viewing and processing. Simplified video management facilitates endoscopy suite management

Bright LED light observation:

The built-in long-life white LED light source enables bright and clear observation, offering improved functionality over the traditional halogen light.


This is an entirely cable and periphery free endoscope that can be used anywhere. The monitor, LED light source, battery and recording device are all together in a single unit.

Recording management:

An xD-Picture Card compatible with a standard PC for storing still images and videos from the endoscope, enabling straightforward data management and referencing.

Bright observation:

The built-in long-life white LED light source enables clearer and brighter observations, offering a significant advance on the traditional halogen light.

2.5 inch monitor:

The fully adjustable 2.5 inch monitor enables several people to view at one time and can be tilted to facilitate observation and control operations.

Small insertion tube diameter:

The Olympus MAF-GM/TM has a 4.1mm outer diameter insertion tube suitable for intubation even in smaller anatomies or difficult situations.

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