PENTAX EG-3630UR Ultrasound Video Gastroscope


Used PENTAX EG-3630UR Ultrasound Video Gastroscope


Pentax EG-3630UR Radial ultrasonic Gastroscope, in Excellent physical condition and in very good operational condition, in Pentax case.

This scope in compatible with Pentax EPM-3500 processor and works with Hitachi EUB-5500 & EUB-6500 scanners.

FEATURES Easy Orientation. The World's First Forward View Observation Ultrasound Gastroscope. The World's First Endoscope with Electronic Radial Scanning Capability. One-touch Balloon Water Feed and Suction Operation

- Frequency Range 5MHz / 7.5MHz / 10MHz
- Image View 120°
- Imaging Functionality Pulsed and Color Doppler Imaging
- Channel Diameter (mm) 2.4
- Insertion Tube Diameter (mm) 12.1
- Working Length (mm) 1250

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