ConMed IM3300 Laparoscopy System


Refurbished ConMed IM3300 Laparoscopy System



Features & Benefits:
- 480P Progressive Scan Output
- 4th Generation Autoclavable Camera Head
- Multiple Pure Digital Outputs-DVI, SDI
- Electronic Zoom
- Programmable Presets for individual or specialty preferences
- Multi-function, programmable remote camera head buttons
- High resolution with outstanding light sensitivity
- New Ergonomic Camera Head Design.

ConMed IM3300 Laparoscopy System

ConMed IM3300  Camera console with camera head w/coupler:
- Power cord
- Video cables
ConMed LS7500 light source:
- Fiber optic light cable
- power cord
ConMed GS1000 35 Liter Insufflator:
- Hose and Yoke
- Power Cord
ConMed Laparoscopy rigid scopes:
- 10 x 0
- 5 x 30
- 19" Sony MD Monitor: Video cables and power cable
- Assortment of Laparoscopy instruments

-ConMed IM3300 CCU
-ConMed IM3330 Autoclavable Camera Head
-ConMed LS7500 Light Source
-ConMed Linvatec GS1002 40 Liter Insufflator with Hose
-Power Cords(qty 3)

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