Pentax EG-3870UTK Endoscopic Ultrasound


Used Pentax  EG-3870UTK Endoscopic Ultrasound


EG-3870UTK Linear Array Ultrasound Gastroscope for Therapeutic EUS:

The outstanding image quality of the Pentax  EG-3870UTK Endoscopic Ultrasound offers an optimal foundation for physicians in infiltrated lymph node detection and tumor staging in the gastrointestinal system. The EG-3870UTK is engineered with both excellent image quality and a large instrument channel for a variety of therapeutic procedures.

State of the art images:
The EG-3870UTK utilizes a curved, linear-array ultrasound transducer that provides a large 120° field of view with an outstanding image quality providing the endoscopist with a high level of precision for all indicated application areas. Supported by various imaging modalities such as Hitachi Real-time Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE) and Doppler function, a more accurate localization and targeting of lesions is possible.

Engineered for advanced maneuverability:
The high flexibility and advanced maneuverability of EG-3870UTK allow more precise navigation. A one-touch balloon operation, two-stage suction, and three-stage air/water valve provide easy control for more efficient procedures.

Multifunctional design:
The EG-3870UTK incorporates a unique 3.8mm instrument channel for a wide spectrum of procedures from diagnostic EUS to EUS-guided therapeutic interventions. This large instrument channel accommodates even challenging therapeutic procedures such as EUS-guided drainage, dilation, injection, and laser or radiofrequency (RF) ablation therapy.

- Field of View (FOV), (degree): 120
- Insertion Tube Outer Diameter, mm: 12.8
- Length of working part, mm: 1250
- Bending angle of the distal end. Down, degrees: 130
- Bending angle of the distal end. Left, degrees: 120
- Bending angle of the distal end. Right, degrees: 120
- Bending angle of the distal end. Up, degrees: 130
- Maximum depth of field (mm): 100
- Minimum depth of field (mm): 5
- Outer diameter of the distal end (mm): 14.3
- Scanning Range, degrees: 120
- Transducer type: linear

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