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The Pentax EPK-i Endoscope Processor digital video and image processor is a progressive scan, true-color processor uniquely built on a computer-based platform. By being an image processor that uses digital computing power, the EPK-i becomes a powerful asset in not only orchestrating the highest resolution HD images and video in the endoscopic market, but it also becomes the brains behind a number of powerful automating and streamlining productivity tools.

The Pentax EPK-i Endoscope Processor is an intelligent technology which is flexible and adaptable to your own technological environment - and can grow with you over time through updates and scalability.

Pentax EPK-i HD Endoscopic Processor Features:
- Digital Power, Infinite Possibilities:
Because the EPK-i is uniquely built on a robust computer-platform, there are literally an infinite number of tonal, brightness, and contrast digital filters that can automatically enhance and reveal the hidden colors of disease - without losing any of the native pixel data.

-  Ease of Use, Higher Care Modes:
The EPK-i comes with 3 pre-set ease-of-use modes for Pentax i-scan. You can even program your endoscope buttons to toggle through the modes, for always-on standard screening and disease validation. The 3 modes have been clinically evaluated with varying degrees of tonal and surface enhancements to reveal hidden details in vascularity, mucosal, and slight sub-mucosal variances.

- Technology Truly Driving Care:
Pentax i-scan allows for enhanced imaging throughout the entire procedure, and has the ability to further enhance the lesion once it is identified. This multiple mode enhancement technology can truly reveal hidden colors of disease like never before. Here, Pentax i-scan Mode 3 enhances the normal mucosal structures in the background, while highlighting a yellow region of the collapsed mucosal structure which pathology confirmed was a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma.

Pentax EPK-i HD Endoscopic Processor Specifications:
- Weight: 26.5 kg.
- Image Processing: Pentax HD+ image processing technology.
- Image Enhancement: Pentax i-scan digital color filters with twin mode function.
- Scope Compatibility: Pentax color video endoscopes; 90i / K series, 70K series.
- Video Output: DVI, DV, VGA, RGB (2), Y/C (2), Composite [NTSC].
- Brightness Control:
- Automatic: Selection - Average / Peak.
-  Manual: ± 5 step adjustment.
- Color System: Red / Blue; ± 5 step adjustment.
- Freeze Function: Live video image provided while freeze mode is activated.

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