Heidelberg Spectralis Hra Oct Diagnostic Laser Scanning +

Heidelberg Spectralis Hra Oct Diagnostic Laser Scanning


Used Heidelberg Spectralis Hra Oct Diagnostic Laser Scanning Imaging Ocular Fundus


The Heidelberg Engineering Spectralis HRA+OCT confocal imager uses three diode lasers and filters to capture two and three dimensional images of the retina. The camera is capable of simultaneous imaging using the different lasers offering layered and colored images for accompanying Spectralis software analysis. The multi-modality of the Spectralis includes blue reflectance, infrared reflectance, BluePeak autofluorescence, fluorescein angiography, and indocyanine green angiography with reduced noise and high resolution.

The workstation provides an automatic adjustable height exam-desk and quick control footswitch for most patient heights. The Spectralis HRA+OCT offers tomography of the eye that fits perfectly in an ophthalmology clinic or office, because it provides exams and temporal tracking for patients with a variety of illnesses or injuries. The Spectralis HRA+OCT confocal laser scanning camera and imaging system were former assets of a pharmaceutical facility for animal specimens, namely rabbits and rats. The workstation, power supply, and PC are in excellent cosmetic condition.

The camera has minor signs of wear visible on the body paint, but remains in good cosmetic condition; there are no visible scratches on the lens, but it may need wiped with ethanol. The system was manufactured in November 2013 and appears to have had very little use and the last PM was recorded in March 2014. Our technicians have tested the imaging system and confirmed that it is fully functional. All controls and data analysis between the camera and the PC were clearly communicated and image analysis loaded without delay.

The technicians replaced the forehead and chin rest on the instrument with new OEM parts. The software manuals are included and explain how to set parameters and navigate the program; there are a number of features that allow the user to store data, compare images, and define settings on a per patient basis to fit special needs. Small video segments can be recorded and reviewed. To familiarize users with the software there are manuals and Heidelberg training software including webinars, documents, animations, and videos.

Patient samples and photos are provided to demonstrate the capabilities of the system to optimize use.
Manufacturer: Heidelberg
Engineering Model: HRA+OCT
Serial Number:TSP-04979
(Aug. 2013)Spec-CAM-06956-S3610 (Sept. 2013)HRA2-KT-04281 (Nov. 2013)CBD4P00020A-109 (May 2013)Touch Panel Software Software Spectralis V. 5.7 (2013)Image Capture Module V. 1.1 (2013)DOM November 2013

Included: Components(2) Software Manual Versions(1) Power Supply & Isolation Transformer(1) Camera(1) External Fixation Light(1) Touch Panel & Sensitivity Knob(1) Workstation (PC & Desk)(2) Software Disks(1) Footswitch(1) Dust Cover(1) LaCie Network Accessory (Storage)(1) HP Officejet Pro 8100

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