OLYMPUS Cysto-Nephro Videoscope CYF-V2


Used OLYMPUS Cysto-Nephro Videoscope CYF-V2


The OLYMPUS Cysto-Nephro Videoscope CYF-V2 features improved insertion ability and patient comfort, thanks to the innovative EvolutionTip design. This versatile cystoscope is compatible with patented Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) technology that improves visibility of vascular structures. The large 2.2 mm working channel allows the use of all common endoscopic devices. Four built-in switches on the ergonomically designed control section allow the user to program frequently used functions for improved procedural efficienc

Key Benefits:

Best Diagnosis Capabilities: The multicolor CCD chip creates a large, bright, consistent images and Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) improves visibility of vascular structures without the use of dyes, drugs, or contrast agents.

Improved Patient Comfort: The unique EvolutionTip allows smooth insertion, improving the patient's comfort without sacrificing image quality or treatment capabilities.Stiffness is varied to allow the proximal shaft to be stiffer and the mid shaft to be more flexible while the distal end offers passive bending to allow the scope to bend even further.

Easy Handling: The scope's angulation is designed to match the patient's anatomy. The 120° field of view allows observation of both ostium ureteris simultaneously and 210° UP/120° DOWN angulation provides easy orientation capabilities.

- Channel Width: 2.2mm (6.6Fr)
- Working Length: 380mm
- Field of View: 120°
- Direction of View: 0°
- Depth of Field: 3-50mm
- Outer Diameter: 4.8mm (Bullet shape)
- Outer Diameter Insertion Tube: 5.4mm (16.2Fr)
- Max Angulation Up: 210°
- Max Angulation Down: 120°

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