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Brand New Cool Skin Products Professional Vacuum Skin Tightening Fat Removal Machine Face for Sale!


Cool Skin Products Professional Vacuum Skin Tightening Fat Removal Machine Face

Ultrasound Cavitation Sextupole Quadrupolar Bipolar RF Vacuum 905nm Laser Beauty

Cavitation Ultrasound Multipolar 4 Pole Bipolar RF Radio Frequency +Vacuum Pressure +905nm Laser

BK4S' Advantage
- Sextupole RF Radio frequency
BK4S comes with unique design of sextupole RF radio frequency, composes two relative independent and complement RF systems. Thereby,more effective,more faster and more uniform body reshape can be achieved perfectly compared with normal monopolar RF, and particularly significant to the parts of body with serious treatment condition

- Metrically Negative Air Pressure With Numerical Control
For negative air pressure, the sophisticated design metrically numerical controlled working mode of BK4S breaks through the previous formal and single mode . Clinical uses of the instrument indicates that using different metrical mode for various parts of body could have more effective and better results, without any heat for body.

- Remarkable Dissociated Vacuum + Ultrasound Slimming
Massage the skin and muscle by unique dissociated suction head with negative air pressure and ultrasound, improving the flows of fluid among body cell, increasing the cell’s movement to active them and elastic skin. While accelerating the blood circulation of capillary, it excretes the excess toxins out of body through the normal circulation of the lymphatic system, reducing the possibility chance to form the pigment and colour spot.
This machine use vacuum pressure to destroy the stubborn fat, thus achieve the effect of fat-moving. The vacuum fat-moving is aimed at fat skin’s epidermal layer, vascular layer, tissue layers, and the neural system layer. The vacuum fat-moving can improve the fluid’s condition of intercellular space, and increase the liquidity of the fluid. Because of the vacuum pressure’s kneading effect, skin and muscle’s organize activities was increased, the hardness fiber cellular tissue became slimmer, and the elasticity of skin tissue was enhanced. Therefore, we can realize the goal of slimming and body-shipping at the same time. What’s more, vacuum pressure’s movement can stimulate both the surface and deep layer of sympathetic nervous system. And it can improve skin's sensitivity.

- Unoisetion Ultrasound Cavitation Exploded
"unoisetion" means silent and quiet ,no buzzing in ear during ultrasound cavitation exploded treatment processe.Clients complain about the uncomfortable noise in ear while doing cavitation fat removal,but BK4S can meet the requirement of less or no buzzing in customers' ears, the treatment will be feeled more comfortable and enjoyful,to reach an unoisetion treatment procedure totally.

- Quadrupolar RF without Pulse Discharge,Electric Shock
During operation, the electrode of quadrupole RF help to improve the stability of leading the electric into body, thus enhance the safety factor to a great extent. It avoids effectively the uncomfortable feeling bring by the homogeneous distribution of radio frequency . The energy output without pulse discharge and electric shock is more stable and reliable when treat in a large area of body. Furthermore the quadrupole RF has so operational and easy to learn than could shorten the training time.

- Variable Radio-Frequency Scanning Technology:
Comparing to the traditional fixed radio-frequency which can only treat on a certain depth, this is an advanced radio-frequency control technology which can effect different depth of body with changing frequency. The fast change of radio-frequency scanning and energy output in segment equal the energy in treating area, then strength the curative effect .

- 905nm Laser:
Exposure by semiconductor laser with special wavelength in 905nm could improve the body liquid flowing in skin and muscle cell, then enhance the cell movement, active cell and elastic skin. At the same time, the laser could speed up the blood circulation of capillary, eliminate the excess toxics from body by lymph system. Moreover, treating by light in 905nm could decompose facial pigmentation, removal melanin in underlaying of skin.

- 10.4-inch TFT Touch Screen
BK4S has 10.4-inch TFT touch screen with xxx pixels,uses the accurately brightness control, realizes high contrast picture,the display can represent the porcelain image clearly even though in a dark environment.

- Adjustable depth of dashboard
Extremely stunning design for operation dashboard by adjust the screw only to up and down the depth to save more freight charge and space for transport and treatment room

- Titanium Alloy Medical Grade Material
BK4S adopts professional stainless,no radition,antioxidant,durable titanium alloy medical grade material for the shell and handles,to ensure more safe for clients and save more money for investor

- Ergonomically Designed and Imported Treatment Handles
Based on ergonomically design, fit in with palm perfectly, easy to be held and portably use with USA imported treatment handles

- Module design for more stable system and easily bundled with complemental aesthetic therapies
BK4S takes the most advanced RF technique and energy, directly penetrate into deep-seated cellulite. With targeted oriented RF output, it makes the fatty cells in quick active state, produces heat friction, higher the partial temperature make the collagen tissue lining up. With default strong air pressure vacuum treatment modes seting in advance,training time won't needed and can becused properly

2-Years Guarantte for main machine, one year warranty for consumable parts, and so the customers are without fear during to use this machine

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