Nidek 3D Fit LE 9000SX Patternless Edger +

Nidek 3D Fit LE 9000SX Patternless Edger


Used Nidek 3D Fit LE 9000SX Patternless Edger for Sale!


Nidek 3D Fit LE 9000SX Patternless Edger

The Santinelli Edger is in great working shape, and has been very well taken care of! The edger comes with all the necessary tools such as the calibration kit, water pump, and the Santinelli water tank. A new refurbished tracer was installed on it about 6 months ago, and we have the original machine manual to include. This machine has cut a total of 40,926 jobs

Nidek 3D Fit Patternless Edger Santinelli LE-9000 LX  is a highly durable and efficient system for anyone considering a step up in edging technology with Precise bevel control Polishing function Integrated tracer, groover, and safety bevel Blocker included Lifetime phone technical support

Excellent condition. 51,649 cuts. Santinelli rep did 0 cuts since New screen and calibration. Original Tools and Manual included. Complete Santinelli Dual pump system included the person.

-High Quality
32,000 data points per processing round
-Frame Memory
up to 500 patterns can be stored in memory, and with the optional
the bar code reader
-Excellent Efficiency
various lens processing systems easily linked to improving lab efficiency.

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