GE AMX IV Plus Portable X-Ray Machine +

GE AMX IV Plus Portable X-Ray Machine


Used 2014 GE AMX IV Plus Portable X-Ray Machine for Sale!


2014 GE AMX IV Plus Portable X-Ray Machine

* GE Healthcare's AMX 4+ analog X-ray system provides highperformance in a compact, easy-tomaneuver package.
* The rotating arm and tube simplify positioning and facilitate bedside studies, while the maintenance-free battery produces up to 50 high-quality exposures with a single charge.
* Dual drive motors and oversize casters facilitate movement; even in taxing environments.

* Height: 70 inches (1778 mm) for Models 2169360-6, 2236420-6, and 2275938-6, -12, -13, -14, -15; all others 76 inches (1930 mm).
* Width: 25-3/16 inches (640 mm)
* Length: 45-3/8 inches (1153 mm)
* Weight: 1080 pounds (490 kg)

Environmental Limits
* Operating temperature range: 59 to 100 Degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 38 Degrees Celsius) at 80% non-condensing humidity.
* Storage temperature range -40 to +140 Degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to +60 Degrees Celsius)
* Maximum operating altitude: 8,000 feet (2440 meters)

Battery Specifications: Nine 12.9 volt batteries connected in series provide approximately 116 volts at full charge.

Battery Capacity: The GE AMX 4+ battery capacity can be measured by one of the following five methods. All capacities are measured after the AMX-4+ has been charged to the “CHARGE COMPLETE” state. Available capacity as stated applies only to new battery sets free of defective cells. Capacity may decrease as the battery nears the end of its useful life.

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