GE Portable Ultrasound Vscan Extend

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GE Portable Ultrasound Vscan Extend


GE Portable Ultrasound Vscan Extend  is a general purpose diagnostic ultrasound
imaging system that can enable qualified and trained healthcare
professionals to visualize and measure anatomical structures
and fluid.

Its pocket-sized portability and simplified user interface
enable integration into examination and training sessions.
The information can be used for basic or focused assessments.
It can also be used along with other medical data for clinical
diagnostic purposes during routine periodic monitoring and
triage assessments for adult and pediatric patients. Vscan
Extend can also be used for procedural guidance. It meets
requirements of use in the home healthcare environment.
Vscan Extend is available in two probe configurations – either
with sector probe1 or with a dual-headed probe that integrates
both sector and linear transducers.

Vscan Extend is offered in three connectivity configurations2:
• USB configuration allows the transfer of images or videos via
USB cable connection to a PC
• Wi-Fi access configuration includes USB features and adds the
ability to export images wirelessly to shared Windows® network
folders, along with wireless access to the GE Marketplace for
download and installation of Vscan Extend apps
• The DICOM® configuration includes USB and Wi-Fi access
features and adds the ability to wirelessly communicate with
DICOM servers
Vscan Extend customers have access to the Vscan™ web portal,
including online access to product and clinical reference materials.

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