Butterfly iQ+ Ultrasound System

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New Butterfly iQ+ Ultrasound System Lightning and USB-C 2.0


Next-generation Ultrasound-on-Chip™

Power meets performance.

Innovative low-noise, low-power consumption semiconductor process.
Optimized electronics with new, power efficient FPGA.

Patented on-chip digital micro- beamforming enabling 15% faster frame rates and 60% faster pulse repetition frequency.

1.75D array beamforming for 85% reduction in elevation beam width

More clarity

15% faster frame rates.

With faster frame rates, you get the clarity you need to help get important insights quickly.

60% faster pulse repetition frequency.

Drawing from the power of the most advanced Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology, the iQ+ delivers sharp, fast imaging that makes a difference to you and your patients.

1 probe, 20 presets, 4 modes.

True-to-form color flow.

With next-generation optimizations of the iQ+, you'll see color that is demonstrative of true hemodynamic flow, giving you a crisp, clear picture.

Faster cardiac imaging with sharp resolution.

With a smaller probe head, shorter probe length, faster frame rates and next-generation Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology, you can now experience cardiac myocardial borders and flow dynamics in high resolution.

New Needle Viz™ technology.

Designed to help detect needles with ease, Needle Viz™  technology helps give you the control you need while performing intricate in-plane guided procedures.

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