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Modular Aesthetic Laser Multi-Application Platform

Lumenis M22 Universal IPL is a modular multi-application platform for the treatment of over 30 skin conditions and hair removal.
Used by physicians around the world, M22™ enables you to treat a vast variety of patients and conditions with excellent outcomes.

Universal IPL 

  • Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT™)
  • Single handpiece with changeable filters and lightguides
  • For IPL skin treatments using photorejuvenation

Multi-Spot™ Nd:YAG 

  • With Multiple Sequential Pulsing (MSP™)
  • 2 sized lightguides, changeable in seconds
  • For treatment of leg veins and vascular lesions


  • The only True fractional non-ablative, with CoolScan™ scanner
  • No disposables
  • For skin resurfacing

Q-Switched Nd:YAG

  • Homogenous beam profile for enhanced treatment safety and efficacy
  • For skin toning by treatment of pigmented lesions and dark tattoos removal

The Lumenis M22 Universal IPL is now coupled with AOPT, enabling full control to advanced users, making it simple to individually tailor the settings for each patient and each condition. Make the best use of each pulse and easily provide consistent and solid clinical results for your patients!

IPL Filters:     515, 560, 615, 640, 695, Acne and Vascular
Shot Count:     IPL Shots: 40,804

- M22 Console
- IPL Hand Piece
- Key
- Manual
- Key and Power cord
- 3 x Light Guides

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