Microaire PAL System 1020 Console


Used Microaire PAL System 1020 Console with 600E Handpiece


The Microaire PAL System 1020 Console with 600E Handpiece is an electronic control system for operating the PAL-600E and PAL-650 hand pieces. The console will also operate MicroAire Series 1000 Electric Instruments such as wire drivers, saws, and drills. Not for use with the 1641 Electric SmartDriver or throttle-less instruments using a foot pedal.

The MicroAire 1020 is an instrument control console for driving small power instruments.
It generates the signals necessary to run the motor in these instruments at the desired speed and direction as controlled by the operator. The speed is either adjusted by a lever on the instrument or by the knob on the front of the console. The approximate speed of the instrument is indicated by the light display on the front of the console next to the control knob. Intended users are surgeons, physician’s assistants, orthopedic operating room nurses, and circulating nurses. There are no known contraindications.

MicroAire Specifications & Classification
- Ratings: 240W
- Input: 100-230V~,50-60 Hz, 240W
- Degree of electrical isolation: BF
- Duty Cycle – 1000 Series Instruments: This unit is designed for continuous operation with short-time loading. (1 Minute running, allow handpiece to cool to room temperature)
- Duty Cycle – Electric PAL Handpiece: Designed to operate for up to 20 minutes of continuous use with intermittenet operation over a period of 1-2 hours.

Full power assisted suction workstation. Dual footswitch capability, IV pole, dual canister holder and quad filter system

29 in HG strengthSuction powered by 2 oilless rotary vane motors4000 cycle per minute 2mm reciprocating action handpiece

Microaire PAL System, Demo/trade show system from sales rep.  Black 1020 console unit, like new; PAL 600E handpiece has some blemishes from trade show meetings, in and out of trade show boxes.  Cord included, as well as console cover from MD Resource that protects the console.  Also, 24 expired, still in packages, single use PAL cannula that if used other than for lab work need to be either gas or radiation sterilized.  Cannot be steam sterilized as you know. Except one reusable 304LS Mercedes cannula that can be steam sterilized. 24 single use, expired cannula include: (1) PAL30MLS Multihole, (1)300SS 3/22 Single Port, (3) 302LS Triport III (Accelerator), (3) 302LS 3/22 Triport, a 303LL 3/30 Triport, (2) 304LS Mercedes, a 304LL 3/30 Mercedes, a 302LL 3/30 Mercedes, (3) 402LS 4/22 Triport II, (3) 403LS 4/22 Triport III  Fournier, a 404LLT4/30 Mercedes Turbo, (3)404LS 4/22 Mercedes, (3) 407LS 4/22 Triport III Fournier, (3) 504LS 5/22 Mercedes, (2) 507LL 5/30 Helix Triport, and two pictured unused cannula out of the package.

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