Stryker 1288 HD Video Endoscopy System


Stryker 1288 HD Video Endoscopy System w/L9000, SDC Ultra, Wise Monitor


The Stryker 1288 HD Video Endoscopy System offers facilities a simple, high-quality solution for all of their endoscopic imaging needs. Each component — camera, light source, monitor and insufflator — fits conveniently into the mobile cart for maximum portability.

- Stryker 1288 HD 3-Chip Endoscopic Camera:
Crisp, 1920x1080p resolution with nine specialty settings for optimum visibility. Complete with four fully-programmable camera head buttons, touchscreen LCD interface and wireless transmission capabilities.
- Stryker X8000 Light Source:
Bright 300-watt xenon elliptical bulb delivers accurate, detailed, state-of-the-art imaging. When used with the Stryker 1288 HD 3-Chip Endoscopic Camera, the light source allows clinicians to capture high-definition video during any procedure.
- Stryker 40L Core Insufflator:
Superior performance with unprecedented safety and reliability. Maintains pneumoperitonium under the most extreme conditions with a multitude of safety features.
- Each tower includes a high-definition video monitor and a mobile cart for easy transport throughout your facility.

Stryker 1288 HD 3-Chip Endoscopic Camera:
- Digital/Analog: Two Digital Video Interface (DVI)/RGBHV | 1280 x 1024 (HD), 720p, 1080p, (HDTV) format
- Enhancement: 16 levels (switchable)
- Imaging System: 1/3” Progressive Scan CCDs, high definition

Stryker X8000 Light Source
- Bulb Type: 300 Watt Xenon (elliptical)
- Bulb Life: Approx. 500 hours
- Weight: 16.0 lbs (7.3 kg)
- Electric: 100 - 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 450 W | 220 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 450 W

Stryker 40L Core Insufflator:
- Power Supply Input: 100-240 Vac; 3.5A
- Frequency: 50-60 Hz
- Weight: 19.84 lbs (8.9 kg)

-Stryker 1288 HD Camera Control Unit
-Stryker 1288 HD Camera Head and Coupler
-Stryker L9000 LED Light Source w/Fiber Optic Light Cable
-Stryker SDC Ultra HD Information Management System
-Stryker Wise 26" HD Monitor w/Power Brick and New Screen
-Stryker Wise Transmitter w/Blue Token
-Power, SDC & Video Cables Included

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