OLYMPUS BF-P180 Ped Bronchoscope Endoscope


Used OLYMPUS BF-P180 Ped Bronchoscope Endoscope


The slim and powerful OLYMPUS BF-P180 Ped Bronchoscope Endoscope facilitates routine examinations and treatment, particularly in the deeper bronchi, without compromising on image quality or functionality. The excellent insertion and visualisation capabilities, further enhanced by Narrow Band Imaging, mean full support to your diagnostics also in the deeper segments of the bronchial tree.

Key benefits:
Slim design
Excellent image quality
Narrow Band Imaging for improved diagnostics
Scope ID function

Slim bronchoscope design:
The slim design with a 4.9mm diameter insertion tube and distal end, aids insertion to the deeper bronchi, while still incorporating a generous 2.0 mm channel, ideal for routine examinations and treatment.

Excellent image quality:
The exceptional image quality that you have come to expect from Olympus is fully present in this thin bronchoscope, enabling powerful diagnostic bronchoscopy.

Narrow Band Imaging capability
In order to improve your diagnostics, NBI displays vascular structures in higher contrast, empowering you to define neoangionetic changes in the submucosal tissue.

Scope ID function:
In addition to standard bronchoscope features, the BF-P180 stores individual scope information on the built-in memory chip and displays it on the monitor to help facilitate management in pulmonary labs and operating theatres.

Compatible with reprocessing workflows:
The BF-P180 can be embedded in your cleaning and disinfection workflows, supporting full traceability and documentation of all reprocessing relevant phases.
The BF-P180 is fully compatible with Olympus ETD Washer / Disinfectors and the Olympus Endoscope Drying Cabinet for complete endoscope drying and storage for extended periods under safe conditions.
Optional Sterilisation is supported by compatibility with ETO and Plasma sterilisation. For details on compatible processes, please contact your Olympus representative.

Optical System:
- Field of view: 120°
- Direction of view: 0° (Foward viewing)
- Depth of field: 3 ~ 100 mm 4.9 mm

Insertion Tube:
- Distal end outer diameter: 4.9 mm
- Insertion tube outer diameter: 4.9 mm
- Working Length: 600 mm

Instrument Channel    
- Channel inner diameter: 2.0 mm
- Minimum visible distance: 3 mm from the distal end

Bending Section:
- Angulation range: Up 180°, Down 130°

Laser Compatibility: Nd: Yag, 810 nm diode
- Electro-Cautery Instrument Compatibility: YES
- Total Length: 870 mm

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