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GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORY for comprehensive Diamond Grading. It is the most modern  setup with the most sophisticated instruments available in diamond Material Science.
All products with original packaging + all accessories + software included:
With below mentioned equipment Your GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORY  can recognize all  SYNTHETIC DIAMONDS (CVD / HPHT) and TREATMENTS (HPHT/IRRADIATION/LPHT etc.) available on the market as well as 4C (COLOR, CUT, CLARITY, CARAT) of Diamonds.

Mentioned Setup  contains the newest Discoveries in  Diamond Science including:
PHOTOLUMINESCENCE (Raman) SETUPS 405 nm / 532 nm / 633 nm/ 785 nm, Each Setup  include Liquid Nitrogen Kit (Cryogenic Cells) specially created for  Low Temperature measurements  

DFI Mid-UV Laser+ 405 nm SETUP oryginal price 131530 CHF Swiss Franks + Ozone Filter 1500$ USD + LN Setup 1500 CHF (used GGTL Laboratory DFI Mid-UV System)  Multi-UV excitation Microscope  with 405 nm Laser  for Photoluminescence Measurements

A new and efficient approach to resolve the problem of the detection of synthetic diamonds:
A flexible and high-performing instrument, designed and built by GGTL Laboratories for professionals, for the detection of (near-) colorless HPHT and CVD synthetic diamond of any size and shape

Characteristics of the DFI Mid-UV Laser+:
-Efficient and rapid Identification of (near) colourless CVD and HPHT synthetic diamonds.
-Possible to analyse stones of all sizes, even very small (e.g. Ø 0.5mm and less…).
-Permits the analysis of unmounted and mounted diamonds (on watches, jewels etc.).
-Screening capacity ([near-] colorless melee): ˜ 3000 stones per hour.
-Identification of CVD synthetic diamonds eventually doped with nitrogen (opaque to UV).
-Two replies: “natural” or “synthetic”. No reply: Further tests with  next The DFI Mid-UV Laser+:
The principle of the analysis by the DFI is based on several joint techniques. The samples are excited by a beam of UV and/or a laser. Several very precise high performance filter sets allow to excite the samples with several excitations with different wavelengths.
The presence/absence, colour, intensity and distribution of the fluorescence – combined with the nature of the excitation – are very efficient and rapid criteria for the screening of diamonds. The combined or separate use of the laser enhances the observation of certain emissions which can be very weak under UV excitation, as well as the often characteristic growth structures and distribution of defects.
The system is coupled to a calibrated spectrometer using a cooled detector, which permits the simultaneous observation of the photoluminescence (PL) spectrum at room temperature or at low temperature (77K). A high resolution camera also with cooled detector permits to record high quality images of the luminescent diamonds.instruments from SETUP.

532 nm SETUP + DiaGuard:
GEMMORAMAN 532 Scientific Grade Spectrometer with Liquid Nitrogen attachments and DiaGuard ( UV transparency tester)

GemmoRaman-532SG represents the most advanced gemological photoluminescence and Raman spectrometer currently on the market at a reasonable cost.
GemmoRaman-532SG is based on state of the art Ocean Optics TEC cooled scientific grade spectrometer capable for detecting smallest Raman and photoluminescence signals with extremely high signal to noise ratio. It's extended spectral range is specifically tailored for diamond studies, allowing clear detection of important signs of possible synthetic origin and/or irradiation treatments.
GemmoRaman-532SG has gained great popularity among diamond laboratories as an important tool for detecting synthetic diamonds manufactured by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) method.

633 nm SETUP (new) original price 18868 EURO  irreplaceable for spotting CVD , HPHT , Natural peaks in Red spectral region :
New  Avantes HERO spectrometer -AVASPEC-HSC1024X58TEC-EVO   
-Grating, 830l/mm,Blaze 900 14-11-161
Range set for: 634-844nm
-Raman Probe AVARAMAN-PRB-633
-Interchangeable Slits
-Cryogenic Cell.

785 nm SETUP (new) original priceas 633 nm very important in PL/Raman spectroscopy (red region):
New Ocean Optics QEPRO Spectrometer -Slit 25um (possible to change slits/gratings) + Raman Coupled Fiber Probe for 785 nm FC Excitation - SMA Collection 7,5 mm Working Distance
Grating #H14 -600 Lines Blazed at 1.0 um
Bandwidth 700-1052 ( best 650-1100 nm)

DIAMONDVIEW IIDGR (like new) original
Looks at surface fluorescence by illuminating with short-wave ultra-violet light. An image of this is then view-able on a screen and a decision can be made as to whether the stone is natural or synthetic.
The colour of the fluorescence, the fluorescence pattern and the absence or presence of phosphorescence will differ depending on the stones natural or synthetic origin.

GemmoSphere - UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer (Diamond  Color Grading machine as well  ) Original price  7200 EURO spectrometer
GemmoSphere is a small but powerful UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer specifically designed and built for diamond & gemological laboratories.
GemmoSphere records gemstone's absorbtion spectrum at near-UV, visible and near-infrared wavelengts.
It's main purpose is for verifying natural origin of colorless diamonds, but this technology is also widely used in other areas, such as for testing fancy colored diamonds, sapphires, emerald, spinel, tourmaline and jadeite. GemmoSphere™ works with the same familiar software as other MAGI products, provided with it's own growing UV-Vis-NIR - libraries.

GemmoFtir is a  FTIR- spectrometer specifically designed and built for diamond & gemological laboratories.
FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer) is a mandatory tool in the modern gemological laboratory. It is routinely used for testing some of the most important gems such as diamond, emerald, corundum, alexandrite, jade, amethyst, amber and turquoise.
GemmoFtir works with the same familiar software as other MAGI products, provided with it's own growing FTIR- libraries. Each important gem species has its own library and a set of further analysis applications.

SARINE PROPORTIONSCOPE, the Newest Product from Sarine  DIAMOBILE XL  with 3 original Stages for Smaller Stones for proportion Measurements with  Instructor software or Polished Diamonds and Advisor software for Rough Diamonds . It is great tool  as  well as for small diamonds ( tested compared to other models for Small stones). It gives precise results.

Precision diamond color grading box with diffused LED light and removable UV filter.

(GIA/AGS certified)

JEWELRY Cubic Zirconia (mounted in rings) COLOR MASTER SET

LIQUID NITROGEN DEWAR FLASK (new ) with LN Withdrawal Device, TAYLOR-WHARTON product for storing Liquid Nitrogen + gloves + protective glasses

DIAMOND COUNTING MACHINE with Ionizer, together with  DFI Mid-UV melee testing machine + GemmoRaman 532 RAMAN New Ultra Fast Diamond screening tool it is the Best unrivalled System on  the market for melee screening/checking/counting

LEICA/WILD Microscope with Vacuum Tweezer Photoport and Stand + Schott Darkfield Illumination incl.control panel + Schott  Brightfield Illumination + Fiber Optic Oblique Illumination (2 x double goose neck) , Polariser , GIA Proportion Reticle 15x Eypieces + for mounte iamond's proportion grading, 20x Eyepieces, Original 10 x Eyepieces + 2x Schott LED lightsources, LED Ring  light (external features of Diamonds checking)
- SARTORIUS Laboratory Carat Balance
- Eickhorst Diamond Grading Lamp.

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