3Shape D810 Dental Lab Scanner


3Shape D810 Dental Lab Scanner with Computer System and Calibration Kit


The 3Shape D810 Dental Lab Scanner comes with Impression and Model Builder. Scanner includes Dental Manager, Dental Designer, and ScanIT. The dongle has expired but Argen has updated the latest version of dental designer computer CAD software. The machine has some signs of cosmetic wear but is fully functional and recently calibrated. Software training and assistance is also available through Argen and other dealers. The weight of the item is approximately 31 pounds. You can design a variety of restorations with reshape CAD software.

- 2 cameras with reduced angle enable impressions, deep inlays and full undercuts to be scanned effectively.
- The 3-axis motion system allows the dental object to be tilted, rotated and translated, facilitating scanning from any viewpoint enabling scanning of more than 350 degrees of a sphere.
- Scan parameters are automatically adjusted to the object’s material for accurate color capture.
- Automatic scanning with the multi-die plate.

Technical Specifications                  
- Scan Time (Final 3D Model): Single die: 25 sec (30 sec)
- 3-Unit Bridge: 100 sec (125 sec)
- Resolution: 2 cameras, 5.0 Mega Pixels
- Accuracy: Ultra high: <15 Microns
- Material Color: Material color independent
- Scan Indications: Market’s most extensive range.
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 37 x 29 x 33cm (14? x 11?x 13?)
- Texture Scanning Technology: High detail detection and capture of hand-drawn markings on model
- Multi-Die Scanning: Scan batches for single or multi-case processing
3Shape D500 Dental Lab CAD Scanner, Computer

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