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ShenPaz Sintra sintering furnace In tune with the needs of dental labs that demand a high degree of versatility from their zirconia sintering furnaces, Shenpaz has developed features that are unique to this industry niche.

- Dimensions (WxHxD): 37x75x43cm (14.5”x29.5”x17”)
- Weight: 60 Kg (132 lbs.)
- Temperature ramp: 1-70°C (34-158°F)
- Programmable steps: 1-10

Quality Restorations:

Superb translucency with Shenpaz automatic degassing
- Keeps muffles clean of impurities
- Longer life expectancy
- Enhances finished product quality

Time Saving:

Fully adaptable 10 steps include programming of all possible parameters for perfect sintering and compatibility to all types of ZrO.Precise temperature uniformity and control
- Heat to 1650ºC (3002ºF)
- Customize your cycle with a positive AND negative temperature ramp

Energy Efficient:

Power failure protection ensures that firing resumes after return of electrical power. Energy saving features:
- Firing chamber lined with superior insulation
- Chamber entrance tightly sealed to hold temp. ready for next cycle (on specific models)
- Single phase electrical supply for low wattage consumption.

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