Kodak Carestream 6100 X-ray RVG

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Kodak Carestream 6100  X-ray RVG Software Sensor dental imaging


The Kodak Carestream 6100  X-ray RVG is the ideal solution for pedodontists, offering a size 0 sensor designed specifically for pediatric patients. Featuring a lightning-fast USB 2.0 connection, the sensor produces crystal-clear images in a snap-giving you instant access to high quality intraoral images. The sensor offers very high sensitivity with up to 40% less radiation when compared to size 1 RVG sensors.

Sensor Comfort and Patient Satisfaction:

The Kodak Carestream 6100  X-ray RVG comes in 3 sizes—0, 1, and 2. The new size 0 is designed specifically for pediatric use. It has rounded corners and special bite blocks that are designed to increase patient comfort. All 3 sizes have new casings (0 and 1 have rounded edges and size 2 has clipped corners), which, according to the manufacturer, are intended to make the radiography experience more comfortable for the patient, remove the “dead zone” factor, and allow for vertical placement. Most of the dentist evaluators gave the product high marks when asked about patient comfort and satisfaction. Four evaluators rated it as excellent for sensor comfort and 5 gave the same rating for patient satisfaction. One evaluator, however, said that patients were generally satisfied with the comfort, but some “[complained] about the thickness of the sensor.” Another evaluator noted that “patients seem to appreciate the rounded corners and small profile of the sensor.”

Image Quality and Diagnostic Capability:

When asked about the importance of image quality and diagnostic capability when choosing a digital radiography system, all 7 of the evaluators said “very important.” When asked to rate the KODAK RVG 6100 system, 5 of the 7 evaluators said it provided excellent quality and diagnostic capability. The other 2 evaluators rated it as very good. One of the dentist evaluators said that the “picture quality was good,” making it “easy to show patients decay, etc.”

Practice Management:

All 7 of the dentist evaluators said that practice management integration is a very important characteristic to consider when shopping for a new digital imaging system. Six of those 7 agreed that the KODAK RVG 6100 ranked excellent to very good for practice management integration. “Integrated well into our practice management software,” noted 1 of the evaluators.


Ease of Use and Effectiveness:

The dentists who evaluated the KODAK RVG 6100 digital radiography system use digital radiography in their practices more than 3 times per day, and they all ranked ease of use as very important when buying a new system. They also rated the Kodak system very highly when asked about effectiveness and ease of use. Six of the 7 evaluators gave the system an excellent to very good rating for ease of use, with 1 dentist saying that it was “relatively simple to use.” All 7 of the evaluators rated the system as excellent to good on effectiveness. One dentist commented that it “takes exceptional images,” and another said that it was “easy to show patients abnormalities.”

Overall Satisfaction:

Six of the 7 dentist evaluators gave an overall satisfaction rating of excellent to very good. When asked how the Kodak RVG 6100 compares with other similar digital radiography systems, 5 of the evaluators said much better. And when asked if they would recommend the system to colleagues or contacts within the dental profession, 6 of the evaluators said

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