iLase BIOLASE DENTAL LASER Excellent  Condition !



The First Personal Laser:
All the power and control is concentrated in your hand for uniquely personal performance. No foot pedals will ever clutter your operatory floor, you’ll never deal with the hassles of getting tangled in cords and wires, and you can increase productivity with a truly unrestricted, personal experience.

Versatility at the Touch of a Finger:
With the ability to engage the finger switch from different positions, the iLase allows maximum comfort and working efficiency, whether performing procedures in the anterior or posterior of the mouth.

Safe for You and Your Patients:
Complete with a wraparound finger switch accessible from any angle in the oral cavity, iLase prevents accidental switching between "Standby" and "Ready Mode . Plus, iLase is fully autoclavable for easy infection control. The iLase™ features our proprietary ComfortPulse mode of operation. It allows the clinician to deliver laser energy in very short pulses. The result is reduced patient discomfort and a reduced need for anesthetic for many soft tissue procedures.

Presets that perform:
The iLase BIOLASE DENTAL LASER  is the ideal tool for performing a comprehensive set of 24 soft-tissue and hygiene procedures. For optimum efficiency, recommended values for power and pulse mode are factory installed for 10 common soft tissue procedures:

Gingival troughing for crown impressions, gingivectomies, treatment of perio pockets, sulcular debridement, frenectomies, excisions, aphthous ulcers, hemostasis, exposure of unerupted teeth, implant recovery, and crown lengthening. Plus, you can add two extra custom presets of your own.

Convenient Single Use Tips Eliminate Setup Hassles:

Older diode lasers rely on "stripping and cleaving" the fiber before each use. BIOLASE was the first to offer disposable single use tips for diode lasers – and we continue that tradition of convenience and ease of use for iLase™. The system uses our full range of bendable tips for better access to all areas and all indications, including periodontal procedures related to Pocket Therapy.

Balanced, Ergonomic Design for the Ultimate in Comfort:
hand holding ilaseThe precise ergonomics of the iLase handpiece also reduce fatigue for clinicians. The entire iLase™ handpiece, with battery and shroud attached, weighs less than 100 g. Locating the center of gravity at the point where the user’s thumb and index finger meet greatly reduces the arm, wrist, and hand force required to operate the iLase™ throughout the day

- Dimension: Length: 7.2” (183 mm), with battery attached
- Diameter: 0.74” (18.7 mm)
- Weight: 0.22 lb (98 g), with battery attached
- Wavelength: 940 ± 15 nm
- Max Peak Output Power: 5 W
- Max Continuous Wave Output Power: 3 W
- Three Power Modes : Continuous Wave
- ComfortPulse:  1
- ComfortPulse: 2
- Battery Power: Single, rechargeable Li-Ion assembly; 3.7 VDC, 650 mA-h
- Presets: 10 factory-loaded & user-customizable
- 2 extra user: customizable

- Dimensions: W x H x D (4.72” x 2.5” x 3.95”) (120 x 70 x 100 mm)
- Weight: 0.90 lb (412 g)
- Charging Ports: 4

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