Siemens Acuson Cypress Ultrasound


Siemens Acuson Cypress Ultrasound with 3v2c & AUX CW TEE Probe Transducer NR


The Acuson Cypress portable ultrasound is the echocardiography specialist model in the Acuson family of ultrasound machines. Delivering advanced ergonomics and superior cardiovascular performance, and boasting a durable, portable, and hand-carried design, the Acuson Cypress ultrasound has been called the ideal imaging technology for fast-paced clinical environments.

As such, the Acuson Cypress provides exceptional and reliable results whether you have a private practice, you need comprehensive and highly detailed imaging for an echo lab or electrophysiology lab, or you need a fast and reliable device to serve in emergency rooms, intensive care units, or operating suits.

The Acuson Cypress and Imaging Performance

Optimal imaging performance is critical in fast-paced clinical environments, and the Acuson Cypress ultrasound is packed with the technology you need for the best possible images of a variety of anatomy. This comprehensive echocardiography and vascular system is packed with imaging modalities, such as:

Harmonic mode for increased signal-to-noise ratio and decreased reverberation and side lobe artifacts
High-frame-rate color flow mapping, essential to the visualization of complex flow patterns with fast-changing spatiotemporal dynamics
Doppler velocity for measuring the accuracy of blood flow velocities and the direction of blood flow
Stress echo for determining how well your patient’s heart and blood vessels are working
Digital image management and Built-in DICOM connectivity for comprehensive management of exam images

In terms of its excellent cardiovascular capabilities, the Acuson Cypress also includes Transesophageal (TEE), Native Tissue Harmonic Imaging, CW and DW Doppler, stress echo, pediatric cardiac, IMT, vascular, and abdominal.

- TEE Transesophageal imaging
- Pediatric and adult cardiac
- Fully Digital
- Integrated Stress Echo
- DICOM Compatible
- Portable
- IMT calculations
- Tissue Harmonic Imaging
- Advanced Triggering
- PW/Color/CW/Power Doppler
- 2D, M-Mode
- Color Doppler Velocity
- Less than 20 lbs
- 12.1? flat-panel display
- Available cart

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Applications
- Adult and pediatric transthoracic echocardiography (TTE)
- Multiple transesophageal echocardiography (TEE)
- Intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) with ACUSON AcuNav ultrasound catheters
- Peripheral vascular
- Abdomical vacular
- Report and analysis packages
- Comprehensive measurements and calculations
- Integrated stress echo
- High sensitivity and temporal resolution in Color Doppler Velocity mode
- Excellent sensitivity and resolution of multilane transesophageal imaging
- Intime-media thickness using IMT application package

Workflow Solutions
- Easy to learn and use advanced ergonomic design
- Connect to your network with CypressViewer ultrasound software for easy review offline on a PC
- DICOM digital connection capability for standard output to PACS
- DICOM Modality Worklist for streamlined workflow and communication
- Use the same V5Ms TEE transducer across all clinical environments thanks to transesophageal transducer compatibility
- Instantly switch from a cart-based system to a hand-carried, portable unit for increase access

High Performance
- Completely digital, proprietary system architecture for amazing image performance
- Superior image quality thank to high temporal resolution and color sensitivity


Operating Modes
- 2D fundamental and harmonic imaging
- Color Doppler Velocity and Color Doppler Energy
- M-mode
- PW Spectral Doppler
- CW Spectral Doppler
- Duplex with PW & CW Doppler

- 3V2c: Adult TTE, 204 MHz phased array
- 7V3c: Pediatric TTE, 3-7 Mhz phased array
- 7L3: Vascular, 5-7 MHz linear array
- 4C1: Abdominal, 2-4 MHz curved array
- V5Ms: Adult multilane TEE, 3-6 MHz phased array (as on all ACUSON systems)
- ACUSON AcuNav 8F ultrasound catheter, ICE, 5-7 MHz
- ACUSON AcuNav 10F ultrasound catheter, ICE, 5-7 MHz
- Aux CW: 2 MHz, Adult and pediatric TTE, non-imagine CW spectral Doppler
- EC601BF connector type

- Integrated stress echo & intracardiac echo (ICE)
- Intima-Meida Thickness (IMT) measurements
- Advanced triggering
- DICOM network output
- vCustom cart

Physical :
- 19 lbs/8.6 kg
- 13.67? (34.7 cm) height
- 15.58? (19.4 cm) width
- 7.64? (19.4 cm) with keyboard up, 17.0 (43.2 cm) with keyboard down
- Integration digital flat panel dispaly
- Optional:  mobile custom cart with integrated Cypress system mounting platform

Power Requirements:
- Universal power supply (North American and International requirements)
- Input voltage of 100-120/200-240 V AC
- 50-60 Hz Frequency
- 1.2/0.6 A Current
- 144 VA Nominal input power

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